A custom YouTube URL is an address that can be used to link directly to your channel, making it easier for viewers to find you and subscribe to your content. It’s also an important part of building your brand identity and making sure people recognize you when they see your name or logo on the web. While it’s easy enough to get a custom YouTube URL if you have at least 100 subscribers, what if you don’t? This article will explain how you can get a custom YouTube URL without having 100 subscribers and provide some tips on how to increase your subscriber count so that you can make the most out of your custom URL.


What is a Custom Youtube URL?:
A custom YouTube URL is an address that links directly to your channel, as opposed to the default long string of numbers and letters that are assigned by default when creating a new account or channel. It helps viewers identify who they are watching more easily, as well as build their brand identity with viewers who may not know them yet but recognize their name or logo from other sources online. Custom URLs also make it easier for people to share your videos with others since the link is shorter and more memorable than the default one.

Why Get a Custom Youtube Url?:
Having a custom YouTube url makes it easier for viewers to find and subscribe to your channel, which means more potential views and engagement with your content over time. It also helps establish credibility as people are more likely to trust channels that look professional and take the time to create their own unique URLs instead of using generic ones assigned by default when creating an account or channel. Additionally, having a recognizable name or logo associated with your videos makes them easier for people who already know about you (or have seen one of your videos) to find all the other content you’ve created without having to search through all the other channels in their feed or search results page first. Having a custom YouTube url also makes it easier for people on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., to share links directly back to specific videos on your channel – which again increases views and engagement!

How To Get A Custom Youtube Url Without 100 Subscribers:
If you don’t have at least 100 subscribers yet, there are still ways for you to get a custom youtube url without hitting this milestone first! All it takes is some creativity and knowledge of how youtube works – here’s what you need to do:

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Step-by-Step Guide On How To Get A Custom Youtube Url Without 100 Subscribers:
1) Create A Brand Account – The first step in getting a custom youtube url without hitting the 100 subscriber mark is creating a “brand account” under your existing personal account (if applicable). This will allow you access all the features available on youtube such as uploading videos, managing playlists etc., while keeping everything separate from each other so that any changes made won’t affect either one negatively – plus it looks much more professional! To do this go into “Settings > Accounts > Create Brand Account > Enter Name & Description > Submit & Confirm Creation > Done! Now just switch back over into this new brand account whenever needed instead of using your personal one – easy peasy!

2) Verify Your Channel – Once you have set up the brand account it is now time verify it so that youtube knows this really belongs too YOU! Verifying will help protect against fraudsters trying steal away any hard earned subscribers/views/etc… Plus it looks much more professional then just having an unverified account (which could lead people thinking twice before subscribing). To do this go into “Settings > Advanced Settings > Channel Verification > Enter Phone Number & Receive Verification Code Via Text Message/Voice Call > Enter Code & Submit For Verification > Done!

3) Claim Your Vanity Url – Now that we have both created & verified our brand account we can finally claim our very own vanity url! To do this go into “Settings > Advanced Settings > About Me Section (underneath profile photo) > Click On “Create A Vanity Url” Button At Bottom Of Page [Note: You Must Have At Least 10 Followers Before Being Able To Do This] > Enter Desired Url Name & Click ‘Claim Now’ Button To Lock In Your Choice Of Url Name [Note: You Can Only Change This Once Every 30 Days]> Done!

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4) Promote Your Channel – Now that we have claimed our vanity url its time start promoting ourselves so we can start gaining those precious subscribers faster then ever before! This can be done through various methods such as social media marketing (Facebook Ads/Twitter Ads), influencer marketing (getting popular YouTubers/bloggers in related niche markets etc.), optimization (making sure our titles/descriptions are friendly etc.), email marketing campaigns etc.. There really isn’t any wrong way promote yourself so feel free experiment around until find something works best for YOU personally!.

5) Make Quality Content – Last but not least let’s not forget about actually making quality content in order keep those subscribers coming back for more week after week after week!. Quality content doesn’t mean spending thousands dollars fancy equipment either – all need good ideas & some basic recording devices like smartphones/webcams etc.. Just remember focus on providing value viewers every single video no matter what topic covering!.

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Your Custom Youtube Url:
When creating a custom youtube url there are few things keep in mind order ensure success future endeavors!. First off make sure pick something catchy & easy remember – nothing too long or complicated otherwise people won’t able remember what was!. Secondly try think ahead future branding opportunities too – if plan change name down line then might want pick something generic enough accommodate these changes!. Lastly avoid using special characters like hyphens dashes etc., since these tend break links when shared across various platforms!.

Tips For Increasing Your Subscriber Count And Getting The Most Out Of Your Custom Youtube Url:
Now let’s talk about how actually increase our subscriber count so can get most out our newly acquired vanity url!. Firstly always remember quality over quantity – don’t try spamming everyone sight hoping catch few fish here there because chances are won’t work out way expected!. Instead focus providing valuable information viewers each video no matter what topic covering – if give them something worth watching then word mouth spread quickly enough gain those extra few hundred followers need unlock even cooler features down line!. Secondly don’t forget about cross promotion either – post links across various social media platforms such Facebook Twitter Instagram etc., pointing back main channel page help drive additional traffic long run too!. Finally why not consider working influencers related niche markets too? If team up with someone already established within community then could potentially benefit both parties greatly due increased exposure reach both sides would receive!.

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In conclusion getting a custom youtube url without 100 subscribers isn’t impossible but requires bit effort dedication order truly succeed long term basis!With right strategies place anyone able gain those extra few hundred followers needed unlock even cooler features down line such vanity urls promotions campaigns etc.. So don’t give up hope just yet because anything possible if put mind heart into achieving goal!Good luck everyone!
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