1. Introduction

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services out there, being used by millions of people around the world every day. However, some users may find that they want to remove their subscription to YouTube’s premium service, known as “YouTube Red.” In this article, we’ll explain what YouTube Red is and how you can easily remove it from your device(s).


2. What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is a subscription-based service offered by Google for its users who wish to have an ad-free experience while using the platform. It also allows them access to exclusive content such as original series and movies produced by YouTube itself, as well as access to music streaming services like Google Play Music All Access and more. The cost of subscribing to this service varies depending on the country you live in, but generally it costs $9.99 per month or $12.99 if you pay annually for the US market.

3. Benefits of YouTube Red

The benefits of subscribing to this premium service are numerous; firstly, you get an ad-free experience when watching videos on the platform which means no annoying ads popping up while you’re trying to enjoy your favorite content! Secondly, you get access to exclusive content such as original series and movies produced by YouTube itself – giving you something new and exciting every week! Finally, you also get access to music streaming services like Google Play Music All Access which gives you unlimited access to millions of songs from all genres at any time!

4. How To Remove Youtube Red On PC/Mac?

Removing your subscription from a PC or Mac is relatively easy; simply go into your account settings and select “Cancel Subscription” under the “Subscriptions” tab – this will immediately stop any recurring payments associated with your account that are linked with the subscription plan. You can then confirm that it has been successfully cancelled by checking back in a few days later and confirming that no further charges have been applied since cancelling it!

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5. How To Remove Youtube Red On Android?

Removing your subscription from an Android device is even easier; simply open up the Google Play Store app and tap on the menu icon in the top left corner (three horizontal lines). From here, select “Subscriptions” followed by “YouTube Premium” – this will bring up a list of all active subscriptions associated with your account including any recurring payment plans associated with it (if applicable). Simply select “Cancel Subscription” and confirm that it has been successfully removed!

6. How To Remove Youtube Red On iOS (iPhone And iPad)?

Removing your subscription from an iPhone or iPad is just as easy; simply open up Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage > Select Your Subscription > Cancel Subscription – once again confirming that it has been successfully removed after a few days if necessary!

7. Alternatives To Youtube Red

If you’ve decided not to continue with a paid subscription for YouTube’s premium service but still want an ad-free experience when watching videos online then there are plenty of alternatives out there for you! Popular options include Vimeo Plus which offers unlimited HD video uploads without ads for only $7 per month or Hulu Plus which gives users access to full seasons of TV shows without commercials for just $7.99 per month – both great options if you’re looking for something cheaper than what’s offered by Google’s own offering!

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, removing your subscription from either PC/Mac or mobile devices (Android & iOS) is easy enough thanks to their respective stores’ built-in features; however if you’re looking for an alternative option then there are plenty available too – so make sure you do some research before making any commitments! If all else fails then why not get in touch with Famouz – a German social media marketing agency based in Nürnberg – who can help provide tailored solutions that meet all your needs? With their expertise in social media marketing they can help guide users towards finding the best solution for their individual needs so don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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Why can’t i cancel YouTube Premium?

If cancelling your membership isn’t working for you, try these tips: Reload your web browser or restart your app; try a different browser or an incognito window on your computer; or log into your account on another device and try to cancel.

Did YouTube Premium change?

We will be increasing your Premium family plan price from $17.99/month to $22.99/month starting on your next billing cycle, which is scheduled to take effect on or after November 21, 2022.

When I cancel YouTube Premium before trial ends?

Unless you cancel your membership before the end of your trial, you’ll be charged the regular membership price on a recurring monthly basis. If you cancel your membership during your trial, you’ll lose access to your Premium benefits at the end of your trial period.

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Does YouTube TV still have the red zone?

NFL RedZone is a streaming service that lets you watch live NFL games for a monthly fee. There are no contracts or hidden fees, and it is available nationwide.

Did YouTube Premium become more expensive?

The family tier now offers benefits like ad-free viewing and background playback for up to five other people, and it costs $5 more per month. This change is already in effect for new subscribers, so you can’t sign up at the previous $17.99 price any longer.

How much is YouTube red student?

Currently there is a 1-month free trial available. After that, monthly pricing is $4.99/month. This is only for eligible students, and annual verification is required.