The well-known and universally popular Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms. Facebook is a must if you want to use social media networks not just for fun, but for clever social media marketing. Facebook is certainly interesting for companies of all kinds, freelancers and of course influencers. Because for the latter, the sources of income are versatile and attractive – if a good reach is achieved.


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Why do Facebook Marketing?

Why do Facebook Marketing?

With Facebook you can reach a lot of people in a relatively simple way – at least potentially. To achieve a good reach, the followers’ numbers must be high. Because that way your content gets to many people on the newsfeed, is seen there and ideally shared with others. In this way, your followers’ friends will also become aware of you and your products or services.

Another big advantage for companies and freelancers is that they can get in direct contact with consumers and potential customers via an attractive and well-visited Facebook page. Take a look at casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. As a first hand you can then find out what they like, where they would like to see something different, what they think about a certain topic, posts, products or services are particularly well received, etc. In addition, the regular exchange of comments and interactions can also build a more lasting and trusting relationship with your customers. Not to mention the branding.

By cleverly linking to your website you can generate a lot of valuable traffic that supports your .

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How can you get more Facebook followers, likes comments and re-posts?

First of all you have to design an attractive and informative Facebook page for your company. Next, you need to make sure you get as many followers as possible as quickly as possible.

First of all, you should ask your friends and acquaintances to follow you and share your mail with you, because this way you can reach more people who might be interested in becoming followers. It is therefore important that you publish really high quality content. Depending on the industry or niche, this can be particularly interesting topics, valuable information about your products or services, in case of influencers, smart posts on your topic, etc. Also don’t forget that the tendency is more towards visual posts, because most people, especially the younger generations, prefer videos, meaningful photos, infographics, etc. to lengthy texts. And finally, you can always link to your website, where you can offer more detailed information.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition on Facebook and that you really have to offer something to stand out.

It is also important that you work out a content plan and pay attention to the sensible selection of topics and posts and also analyze on which days, in which rhythm and at what time the publication is most effective. For this you need to define your target group and know them well.

But not only the followers are important, but also their quality. The Facebook algorithm not only analyzes how many followers and views you have, but also whether they are actually active and interact. In plain language this means that you definitely need comments, likes and re-posts.

As soon as you are recognized as important by the algorithm, you will automatically appear on the top positions in searches and will therefore be noticed by even more people.

The number of followers, comments, views and likes on Facebook are also incredibly important for other reasons. They help you to get a social proof. People are automatically attracted to Facebook accounts and they read posts that already have many followers and views. Because we all subconsciously assume that where there are many people, there is also first-class content and interesting information. This also applies to likes and comments that are assigned or made more quickly if the account already has a lot going on.

So there is a snowball effect and you can really boost your product, your company or your service.

Unfortunately, like so many others before you, you will soon find that the whole thing is easier said than done. Social media marketing takes time. Especially in the beginning you quickly get into a vicious circle. You have no or hardly any followers, likes and views, let alone comments, because people prefer to look around where there are already a lot of them. So how on earth should you make your account known?

A great option is to buy Facebook likes, views, comments and followers. That way you can speed up the process and get started!