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More influence through better reach

More influence through better reach

Instagram is gaining more and more importance. The popular social media platform is used by millions of Germans every day – billions worldwide. In addition to private users, more and more companies and freelancers, as well as of course the omnipresent influencers are attracted by the social network. So Instagram is now much more than just a social media channel where photos from the last vacation or a romantic dinner in a chic restaurant are uploaded.

According to experts, the huge success of Instagram is mainly due to the fact that no lengthy texts are posted here, but rather meaningful photos with a short and concise title or small comment. After all, we are all now exposed to an enormous flood of information and our brains can hardly process it – at least not reading it. A photo or video is easier to consume and the notorious sensory overload is thus reduced. It is faster and does not require a great attention span. The brain processes the visually recorded information faster.

In the truest sense of the word at a glance, companies, freelancers and influencers can let the followers take part in the action and provide valuable insights into the business, an event or simply into everyday life. New products can be put in the right light and potential customers can be encouraged to buy.

Of course, Instagram also offers the valuable opportunity of all social media to get in direct contact with customers. Comments can be used to create a real exchange and you can experience first hand how your product or service is received. Through dialogue you can build a basis of trust and bind your customers to your brand or company in the long term.

However, not only companies and freelancers benefit from social networks like Instagram, but also private individuals. Because Instagram offers attractive earning opportunities for everyone. Even small niche influencers can earn a lot more through product placement and affiliate marketing.

Prerequisites for Instagram’s success are a good marketing strategy and, of course, an attractive reach.


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Get many Instagram followers, likes and comments

Get many Instagram followers, likes and comments

Whether you are an entrepreneur or freelancer who wants to promote your products or services with Instagram Marketing, or you want to become an influencer who earns money with your hobby and passion, you need one thing above all else: wide reach.

Only if many people see you, you are interesting as an advertising partner. Very big influencers with many followers, who can also really actively participate on the platform, can charge several hundred or even thousand Euros for a post.

So the first thing you need is an Instagram account and a good Instagram marketing strategy. Consider who your audience is, what they are looking for at Instagram, what time they are active, etc. Then you need to define a strategy, what content you want to publish, in what intervals and of course at what time.

Your content needs to be truly unique, original and creative, because the competition at Instagram is really fierce. So really offer top content.

Be active on a regular basis, that’s what users expect from Instagram. Also, don’t forget to answer the comments and enter into a dialogue. If you neglect your followers, you will quickly lose them to the competition.

Invite directly to comment, liken and share. Also special promotions with special discounts can be a good idea if you want to sell something.

For heaven’s sake don’t forget the oh so important hashtags! This way the users will find you faster. For this purpose, you should research in advance to see which hashtags are trendy at the moment.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is quite tough, especially in the beginning. Even if your content is really great and you did everything right, it’s hard to get new followers, get likes and comments and start your Instagram career.

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To succeed with Instagram, like other social media platforms, you need Social Proof. Because people tend to look around and leave likes and comments where other users have already done so. Because for most people, many followers mean that they can expect particularly good content, the latest trends and high-quality posts there.

So in order for people to become aware of you and your Instagram account, you should seriously consider buying Instagram followers, likes and comments. Most successful Instagramer do that anyway.

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