General Questions

Do you have questions regarding our services? Check out our FAQ to find answers. If you would like personal support please get in contact with us. We always try to improve our service, your feedback is appreciated.

Yes, it works! Every service we offer on our website works amazingly well. Just try it out and place a small order, you won’t regret it.

Yes, absolutely! We have delivered more than 1500 orders since we startet in January 2017 and had not even a single complaint about accounts getting banned.

The buying of Likes, Followers, Subscribers etc, as far as we can see, continues to be classed as legal, harmless and inoffensive. For every form of vote, competition etc. this does not apply and we therefore strictly refuse orders of this nature.

No. Our services are 100% discreet & anonymous, your privacy is very important for us.

Yes. For us it is obvious that money should be refunded if an expected service cannot be provided (Although that happens very rarely). The same also goes if only a part of a service can be delivered. A proportional recompense would be issued in such a scenario. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our service, please speak directly to us so that we can immediately examine the case in order to find a solution together.

This depends totally on the service. However, we always try to start delivery within a few hours after the payment. Also, especially for larger orders, we try to split them over a few days. E.g. if buying 1 million YouTube views, you won’t get them within 1 day (Unless you want that – For larger orders the delivery speed can be chosen).

Yes, you can cancel your order if we haven’t started its delivery yet. Just get in contact with us. After we activated the service, it is no longer possible to cancel the order.

Yes, you will get a one year guarantee! It is very important to us that the views, likes etc. we generate for your social media channel are stable. After delivering thousands of orders successfully we can tell that our services are stable, also in the long term. However, if you do notice the likes etc. we provided decrease in such a way that the number drops below the start amount, you don’t have to worry. Simply contact us and we will refill the losses up until one year after your initial order.

No. we will not help you to win any kind of competition etc. Thank you for your understanding.

You can simply write us an email at [email protected] or use our live chat down in the left corner. Please make sure to include your order ID. This way we can check your order and provide an answer much quicker.

No, we always deliver up to 10-30% more of the actual amount of views, likes etc. you ordered. If you order 1000 YouTube views for example, it could be that 1257 Views will be delivered in total.

Yes. If you plan to buy large quantities for you or your company, just write us a message please. We will make you a good offer.

Currently we offer the fast & secure PayPal express checkout. If you want, you can also pay via direct bank transfer.

We offer many options to order only followers, likes etc. from a specific country for many of our services. However, if there is no such option in the service configurator or you do not select it, international followers, likes etc. will be delivered.