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Periscope is a fairly new social media platform, as it has only been around since March 2015. Nevertheless, the clever app from Hauser Twitter already has more than 50 million users worldwide, and the trend is clearly upwards. As is well known, Periscope is a live streaming service. It gives you and of course all other users the possibility to stream the best live videos in real time.  The special thing about it is that this is possible with a normal smartphone, which is owned by almost everyone. It is therefore a very contemporary trend, which is predicted a great future. So it is a good idea to jump on the bandwagon in time and do periscope marketing as well. The platform is suitable for enterprises, Freelancer and naturally also and straight Influencer, which would like to lie fully in the trend.

The periscope users are called broadcasters/streamers, and of course also simply periscopes. With Periscope, you can interact directly with your followers. The periscope followers are immediately informed as soon as the periscope intends to become active. So the follower can be live when his favorite periscope is active.

Of course, the idea is not really new, because there are other apps available, e.g. Meerkat, Ustream, Younow, Twitch and Stringwire. The special thing about Periscope is that the video of the live stream is available to the viewer for another 24 hours after the live stream has ended. This is considered by the vast majority of users as a decisive advantage over other options.


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What is important for live streaming at Periscope?

What is important for live streaming at Periscope?

Livestreaming has the huge advantage that the streamer can present itself to its audience in a truly authentic way. The audience develops a lasting bond, because many emotional aspects come into play and it is just all very real and spontaneous. Everybody knows that a video uploaded to YouTube is recorded, edited and processed several times. When streaming on Periscope everything is immediate, direct and it can therefore also go wrong. If you just make a promise or something technical doesn’t work 100%, this is certainly not a break of the leg and makes the whole thing really human. Nevertheless it is important that you prepare yourself well for your streaming. By no means should you read texts or learn them by heart, but a little bit before the live event should already take place. This should not be a rehearsed and artificial event. Keep in mind that long pauses in streaming are deadly. For this reason alone, it is good to prepare yourself and try out the planned streaming for yourself. If you can record yourself to watch the whole thing afterwards, this is of course even better. This way you can see if you use the same filler word all the time or if you have some other kind of tic. Some people are constantly clearing their throat or making unconscious noises.

In addition to long pauses and monotonous speech, it is also unattractive and irritating if you speak too fast and hectically or mumble indistinctly. Maybe you should have a look at a similar streaming at your competition.

How can you as a company or freelancer use the Periscope App for yourself?

Buy Periscope Followers periscopeIn the beginning, Periscope was mainly intended for private use, but soon companies and freelancers also recognized the value of the streaming app for themselves and their business.

Here are a few smart ideas on how you can use the clever streaming app for you and your business success:

  • customer service
    The use of the app is particularly popular in customer service. You can explain new products or services live streaming, answer frequently asked questions and establish spontaneous, friendly and authentic contact with your customers.
  • Flash sales
    This format is also wonderfully suitable for direct sales and lightning actions. For example, you can make special offers that are valid during the streaming and the said 24 hours that the video is still available.
  • Announcements
    Announcements and messages about your company made during streaming are also great options for your periscope use within your social media marketing concept.
  • Q & A
    Why not offer weekly or monthly special streamings in which you answer the most frequently asked questions. If the whole thing is well done, you will quickly have a loyal crowd around you. This is an excellent way to build customer loyalty.

So the possibilities are numerous and versatile. But to make it all work, you need as many periscope followers as possible.

Get many periscope followers

As with all other social media platforms, it is essential that you have as many followers as possible on Periscope. Because without reach, even the greatest ideas, the smartest streaming and the best strategies are useless.

First of all, it is important that your streams are well prepared, that you know what your target group likes to see and that you are regularly active. Because the competition is quite tough and you have to offer something to build a good fan community.

Social proof is also crucial here. If you have a lot of followers, likes, positive comments and recommendations, you are also attractive to other users. If there is a lot going on at a Periscope, all the more users become aware of it and it comes to a real avalanche.

Unfortunately, it is a bit slow to build up the following at the beginning. Therefore a simple and popular tactic is to buy a periscope follower.

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We at Famouz.io have years of experience in social media marketing and of course in using periscopes. With the help of our extensive database, you can buy high-quality periscope followers.

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